School Psychology & Behavioral Health

School Psychology Services and Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) are provided under the umbrella of special education when a student with a disability requires the assistance of these related services to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

Novato’s behavioral health team includes a school Psychologist, a Behaviorist and a Coordinator of Behavioral Health.


Early Intervention Preschool

 Clint Dickens

Hamilton Meadow Park

Kelly Hourigan

Hill Education Center

Sara Baskin

Loma Verde Elementary

Amy Westfall

Lu Sutton Elementary

Sunny Im-Wang

Lynwood Elementary

Kelly Hourigan

Novato Charter

Novato High

Arezu Iranipour

Olive Elementary

Sara Baskin

Pleasant Valley Elementary

Annie Lau

Rancho Elementary

San Jose Middle

Tom Schmidt

San Marin High

 Amy Westfall

San Ramon Elementary

Sinaloa Middle

Annie Lau

Non Public Schools

School of Residence Psych

Sunny Im-Wang, Counseling

Andrew Weiher, Behaviorist

Karin Jinbo, Coordinator of Behavioral Health