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Do you work with someone who is doing an amazing job and “Modeling the Way“?


Modeling the Way” is recognition for individual employees; however, we know that site or department full staff or teams often do amazing things that deserve special recognition as well.

Administrators: if your staff or team has done something exceptional …


Thank you for “Modeling the Way”

December 2017

Craig Lubey
Craig LubeyStudent Data System Specialist / District Office
Craig embodies the characteristics of 6 C’s and Models the Way for all. As a Counseling Tech, I often am requested to extract data from Aeries by my Principal and Assistant Principals as well as assist with CALPADS reporting. Prior to my contacting Craig, I try to determine the exact information I need and clearly communicate this to him. Craig is always a willing and helpful resource. He works with me, collaborates, communicates well and effectively as he walks me through very elaborate queries and excel spreadsheets to make sense of the data. He is incredibly creative and uses critical thinking to identify what data is needed and what is the best and most efficient way to collect and request the data extract through computer language, and attempts to lead and teach me and others through the maze of intricate maneuvering through the wonders of Excel and Aeries as he manipulates and exports information that is meaningful and specific to the questions posed. Craig’s character shines through as he is always willing to assist, works with a positive and often humorous attitude, he is able to diffuse my anxiety when I am faced with a challenge I feel is too big and too difficult, and he is filled with tremendous integrity as he is always quick to remind of me of confidentiality and the laws of FERPA. Craig is an invaluable asset and support to the school sites and is always kind and helpful. I appreciate and value him as a colleague.
Additionally, NUSD recently receive the 2016-2017 CALPADS Data Management Recognition award from CALPADS, largely due to Craig’s work and attention to detail.
Carolyn Tagliaferri
Carolyn TagliaferriTeacher - RSP / Olive
Throughout all Carolyn’s interactions with students, staff or families, she is supportive, clear and concise regarding student goals and funny. She loves her incredibly challenging job and pushes every student to stretch his or her skills. She is an amazing instructor but most importantly, she works to build trust and relationships with students so they can take risks in their learning.
John Matern
John MaternTeacher / Marin Oaks
In 2016-2017, John Matern proposed the idea for an after-school cooking class, an enrichment course for Marin Oaks students. On his own, he formed partnerships with Novato Rotary and other groups to raise enough money to purchase the necessary equipment to create an optimal learning environment. After organizing a beautifully equipped, functional kitchen, and consulting with local chefs, John then designed curriculum. He began teaching the cooking class in September. Every Thursday afternoon approximately 15 students work alongside Mr. Matern and a chef to create a delicious homemade meal. The next day those students feed the entire Hill campus their tasty dishes. The cooking class is the most popular enrichment course we offer. Students remain engaged the entire time, working together in a collaborative fashion. They are not only learning practical life skills, but also beneficial nutrition habits necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Matern is modeling the way to think outside-of-the-box and help students learn by doing!
Jennifer Boutet
Jennifer BoutetLibrary Media Specialist / Loma Verde
Jennifer Boutet creates an environment in Loma Verde’s library that is unmatched anywhere. In the beginning of year, the room is transformed into an ocean where students feel like they are under the sea somewhere surrounded by turtles, jellyfish, sharks, and whales. Halloween comes and the decorations liven up the room to celebrate the holiday. The attention to detail and the time involved to transform the library for each holiday is to be commended. Hours and hours of time are clearly evident in the enormity of displays and changing them. In addition, the library is kept immaculate, yet in full use by the all the students. Library books are ordered with attention to specific areas of need. Loma Verde students are very fortunate to have Jennifer Boutet as their Library Media Specialist.

November 2017

Cindy Klinkman
Cindy KlinkmanInstructional Coach / District Office
Damaris Caro
Damaris CaroCommunity Liaison / Hamilton School
Irma Manion
Irma ManionFirst Grade Teacher / Loma Verde
Terrie Baum
Terrie BaumCounseling Technician / NHS

October 2017

Amber Hatfield
Amber HatfieldInstructional Coach / District Office
Sierra Cubley-DeBruin
Sierra Cubley-DeBruinOffice Manager / Lynwood
Stephanie Searle
Stephanie SearleTeacher / NHS
Erik Briggs
Erik BriggsTech Support Tech II / San Jose

September 2017

Carole Mencarelli
Carole MencarelliOffice Manager / Rancho
Yvette Garcia
Yvette GarciaRSP Teacher & RSG Coordinator / Rancho
Greg Fister
Greg FisterAssistant Principal / NHS
Marcia Carey
Marcia CareyAdmin Asst III / Student Services

August 2017

Darian Raras
Darian RarasParaeducator / Hamilton
Dana Luis
Dana LuisTech Support Tech II / Olive
Laura Triantafyllos
Laura TriantafyllosCounselor / SMHS
Lisa Heslip
Lisa Heslip1st Grade Teacher / Pleasant Valley

May 2017

Amy Ferhart
Amy FerhartIndependent Study Teacher / NOVA @ Hill
Gina Proffitt
Gina ProffittProgram Specialist / FANS @ Lynwood
Julie Spaan
Julie SpaanOffice Manager / Pleasant Valley
Mariah Fisher
Mariah FisherMusic Teacher / San Jose Middle School

April 2017

Dana Sarubbi
Dana SarubbiBenefits Specialist / District Office
Heather Geraci
Heather GeraciParaeducator - RSP / Early Intervention @ Hill
Marie McMahon
Marie McMahonCounselor / NHS
Theresa Cook
Theresa CookTech Support Tech II / Lynwood

March 2017

Digna Rojas
Digna Rojas3rd Grade Teacher / Lynwood
Erin Cilia
Erin CiliaFood Service Site Manager / San Jose
Vivian Lee
Vivian LeeMath Teacher / Sinaloa
Karin Jinbo
Karin JinboCoordinator of Behavioral Health / DO

February 2017

Christine Bok-Osborne
Christine Bok-OsborneFood Service Site Manager / Hamilton
Michelle Drake
Michelle DrakeFourth Grade Teacher / Lu Sutton
Glenn Dal Poggetto
Glenn Dal PoggettoSDC/Resource Teacher / SMHS
Hassan Fathi
Hassan FathiTech II / NHS

January 2017

Elizabeth Vega
Elizabeth VegaTeacher / Loma Verde
Ernesto Zamorano
Ernesto ZamoranoCustodian III / NHS
Sara Davis
Sara DavisMath Teacher / SMHS
Allison McIvor
Allison McIvorMusic Teacher / SMHS

December 2016

Jeff Packman
Jeff PackmanLeadership / PE Teacher Marin Oaks / Nexus
Arezu Iranipour
Arezu IranipourSchool Psychologist Novato High School
Alex Perez
Alex PerezData System Supervisor IT, District Office
Joanne Briggs
Joanne BriggsFinancial System Specialist - IT, DO

November 2016

Mark Silva
Mark SilvaDirector - Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis5th Grade Teacher - Pleasant Valley Elementary
Peter Ornstein
Peter OrnsteinCinematic Arts Teacher, MSA Director - Novato High School
Mary Pozzi
Mary PozziLA / SS Teacher - San Jose Middle School
Kris Cosca
Kris CoscaAssistant Superintendent - HR
“Our employees are our GREATEST asset!”


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IT Department for an amazing rollout of 1:world Chromebooks

Special thanks to the IT Department for the super-smooth rollout of over 2,000 Chromebooks to all of our 5th, 6th and 9th graders. Ordering the computers, setting all of them up, and distributing these to all of our schools in an efficient manner was a fantastic job of planning and execution. Thank you so much for all of your hard work-- it is greatly appreciated.

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