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Technology Resource Center

Technology Equipment Ordering, Receiving, Inventory, Repair, Recycling, and E-wasting Center @ Hill Education Center

Technology Learning Center

Staff Professional Development for Technology Use @ Hill Education Center

School Technology Pages

Site based technology policies and information about Site Technicians

Staff Directory

Contact Information for our District Office Staff

I.T. News and Events

Department Calendar

Strategic Planning

The Technology Advisory Committee for the District meets once a month to advise the IT Department in its development of strategic plans for the direction of technology for the district.  Working to serve the needs of our students and schools, we are assembling this important document and hope to have it available soon for any interested parties.

I.T. Initiatives

    “It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders.” – Marion Ginapolis

    About Us

    A Message From Sean Rozell,
    Director of Information Technology

    As an eighteen year resident of Novato, I am thrilled to have the honor to serve as the Director of Information Technology for the Novato Unified School District.  I have been working in Technology for over 20 years and working in Education Technology for the last 9 years.  I started working here at NUSD a year ago and I am thrilled to work with this great team.

    This is an exciting time for Education Technology in Novato Unified.  In the last year, my team has completed an incredible amount of work in order to get us better positioned to support the incredible changes in education that we see today.  We have re-designed and completely upgraded our core network and data server/storage environment.  We have migrated to a new hosted email platform in order to reduce costs.  We have installed a service request system to streamline and improve technical support.  We have upgraded our web content filter in order to give us enhanced flexibility and performance with this vital tool.  We cashed in on almost $300K worth of voucher reimbursements to support technology projects in the District. We created a New Employee Handbook to help new employees navigate technology in their new jobs.  We helped Curriculum & Instruction to pilot a new 1-to-1 computer program at every site.  We delivered over 160 new laptops to teachers to replace their old computer hardware.  We built a Technology Resource Center to better handle centralized purchasing, configuration and warehousing of new and re-purposed computer hardware.  We also created a Technology Learning Center where we can provide professional development for staff.  And we reorganized our team by adding a Data Systems Supervisor and putting a dedicated tech support person at every school.  All of this work moves the District closer to the goal of having a dynamic, technology-rich environment that enhances learning and engages students.

    In the upcoming year should be equally busy.  We will be working with our school sites and the Curriculum & Instruction staff as they develop their 1-to-1 programs.  We will be expanding our professional development offerings to help give staff the tools they need to succeed.  We will be performing a much needed upgrade on our business services server/database.  We will be upgrading our phone system.  And through it all, we will be working with key stakeholders throughout the NUSD community to develop a 3-year comprehensive technology plan to support the District’s goals.  As I said, it is an exciting time for education and technology in Novato Unified School District and I look forward to the work we will all do together over the years ahead.

    Mission Statement:

    The Novato Unified School District is committed to providing strategic and effective use of technology at all levels. Our students and staff will enhance problem-solving skills, maximize access to information, and communicate effectively by successfully and proficiently using technology.

    NUSD Technical Support

    Help Desk Services

    Have an issue with technology in your classroom?

    If you need support,

     just email:  [email protected]. 

    Once you’ve emailed us, a record will be generated of your technology need/question, and a support agent will respond shortly to assist you.  Our new system allows us to easily keep track of the problems you are experiencing, and escalate your requests to various experts and site technicians without the need for you to explain the problem over and over.  Plus, you’ll receive confirmations and replies so you know that your request has been received and is being addressed. 

    “The need to know the capital of Florida died when my phone learned the answer: Rather, the students of tomorrow need to be able to think creatively: they will need to learn on their own, adapt to new challenges and innovate on-the-fly.” – Anthony Chivetta

    Parent and Student Technology Information

    Coming Soon
    School Site Tech Information For Home
    • San Marin High School
    • Novato High School
    • San Jose Middle School
    • Sinaloa Middle School
    • Hamilton K-8
    • Loma Verde Elementary School
    • Lu Sutton Elementary School
    • Lynwood Elementary School
    • Olive Elementary School
    • Pleasant Valley Elementary School
    • Rancho Elementary School
    • San Ramon Elementary School
    • Hill Education Center

    Comcast Internet Essentials

    Comcast offers low cost internet access to qualifying families though their Internet Essentials program.

    Click on the image below for more information or to find out how to qualify

    1:1 Program Information

    The 1:1 program at NUSD is managed by our Educational Services Department.  While I.T. provides tech support behind the scenes, the hard working team in Educational Services is in charge of goal setting, classroom implementation, 21st century curriculum alignment, student support, and family support.  If you have more questions about the 1:1 program, you can visit the page below for more information

    1:1 Program Information

    Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

    Each year, Students are required to sign and return a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy for District Technology Services.  This AUP outlines what behavior on the network warrants civil, criminal, or disciplinary follow up, and the student’s agreement not to participate in those activities.

    Student Acceptable Use Policy

    Community Technology Information

    Interested in supporting technology in our schools?

    Novato Unified School District has just opened its very first Technology Resource Center!
    Please visit the center’s homepage for more information about donations and how you can support our technology programs!

    Technology Resource Center

    We need to prepare students for their future, not our past.
    –Ian Jukes

    Staff Technology Information

    Staff Technology Policy Handbook

    Are you aware of the District Technology Policies, or have a question about Technology?  Try downloading your own copy of our policy handbook!

    2016/17 Handbook

    For basic staff accounts: computers, email, google, etc

    Staff Acceptable Use Policy for District Technology (AUP)

    For student data systems (Aeries) and financial data system (QSS)

    Staff Confidentiality Agreement

    Microsoft Home Office Program For Staff

    Microsoft Home Office Program For Staff
    If you do not already have a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite installed on your home computer, Microsoft provides a full copy of the office suite to educators for only $10, just click below to sign up!

    Your Site Technology Support Technicians would love to get to know you! ===>

    School Site Technology Information!

    If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
    –John Dewey

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