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Utilizing the resources at the Technology Resource Center located on the Hill Campus,

All technology hardware purchases will be processed at the TRC.  When a unit arrives, the device is checked into the Hayes Systems inventory, configured with the specific site settings and transferred to the school site.

This allows one centralized location for all manuals, accessories, and images which will reduce the time needed to deploy the hardware on site.

Time Savings:

With a centralized store of computer images, computers and laptops are received and imaged quickly, reducing the time sitting in a tech’s office awaiting hardware configuration.  The device is sent to the school site and requires very little specific configuration.

Hardware that has been escalated for repair can be sent to the TRC and evaluated.  Often times the TRC will have a compatible part in stock that will ensure a quick swap out with in a relatively quick turn around reducing the additional costs of shipping and waiting.

  • The TRC maximizes the value of computers by extending their serviceable lifecycle
  • The TRC provides inventory control for technology in the district
  • The TRC serves as a center for interns and other students to learn about technology through hands on experience
  • The TRC saves our environment by reusing as much technology as possible while making sure obsolete technology is sustainably recycled
  • The TRC contributes valuable data about the state of technology in the district and how to guide certain technology policies


Current Services
  • obsolete computer pickup (school sites)
  • district computer recycling/ewaste evaluations
  • technology inventory auditing
  • technology donation receiving
  • filewave and hayes inventory training for technicians
  • internships and computer classes for district students

Future Services
  • Community partnership for low-cost community computers
Computers Recycled
Devices Configured
Interns Trained
School Sites Audited

Donation Guidelines

Interested in Donating Computers to NUSD?  The TRC currently accepts computers which meet the following guidelines

  • business class computer (no consumer grade computers please)
  • i-series processor (i-3 through i-7)
  • must be in good working order (powers on with no faulty hardware)
  • reasonably clean

The TRC also accepts

  • HD monitors
  • keyboards and mice that are new in package
  • certain internal components (call with questions)

The TRC does not accept

  • printers
  • tvs

If possible, please remove old inventory tags prior to donation.  NUSD can provide pickup for bulk donations of computers (6 or more)

Interested in Donating?

Interested in Donating?
Reach out to the TRC by emailing [email protected] or calling 415-493-4299
District Donation Form


Coming Soon! – Catalog of Available Items for School Sites-

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