Novato High School – Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach

> Novato High School – Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach

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Novato High School – Girls’ Volleyball Head Coach
Job Budget
This job open for
30365918 Days 6hrs
Must be completed by
June 8, 2018

Location:                    Novato High School    

Posting Date:              December 1, 2017

Closing Date:              January 8, 2018          


  • Demonstrated successful coaching experience in the sport with high school aged students.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental skills and techniques, as well as the advanced techniques needed for the sport.
  • Demonstrated successful personality and character traits appropriate to educational leadership.
  • Demonstrated successful ability to teach, enforce, advocate and model appropriate behavior, character traits and educational values to student-athletes.
  • Demonstrated successful ability to teach, organize and supervise assistant coaches.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain a successful disciplined program.
  • Demonstrated successful management and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated successful ability to work with parent groups, administrators, staff and students.
  • Demonstrated successful ability to organize and maintain positive communication with the community.
  • Demonstrated successful ability to follow the National Federation of High School Coaches Code of Conduct and the California Interscholastic Federation Coaches Code of Conduct.


  • Plan and implement the scheduling of team activities, tryouts, practices, game plans and summer activities.
  • Follow district policies, site procedures, CIF rules and the CIF Coaches Code of Ethics.
  • Foster training in conduct, ethics, and sportsmanship for all participants and coaches.
  • Supervision of the team before, during and after practices, games and sporting events.
  • Verify that the Athletic Director has cleared each team member before allowing him/her to tryout or practice.
  • Responsible for the distribution and collection of all uniforms and equipment and providing an end of the season inventory.
  • Work with the Athletic Director, Principal Designee, Principal and other coaches to solve problems at the school level while supporting the ideas of the program/parent concern procedures.
  • Continually reviews the on-going effectiveness of the program at all levels.
  • Adhere to all State, District, and league policies.

Application Procedure:

All applicants must complete an application outlining their qualifications, and may submit up to three letters of recommendation and a resume of their experiences that relate to this position.  Please visit our website, or contact Human Resources, 897-4220 for additional information or an application.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

The Governing Board prohibits unlawful discrimination against and/or harassment of district employees and job applicants on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, gender or sexual orientation at any District site and/or activity.


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