All Board reports can be found on GAMUT Meetings.  Not all items listed on the Board Agenda are included in these Highlights.

Student Presentation:  Olive Elementary School’s 5th Grade Video Crew shared with the Board the video skills they’re learning.

Non-Agenda Public Comment:  Community members commented on CA PTA legislation conference, NFT endorsement of the parcel tax, and the importance of feeling valued.


ENGLISH LEARNER SERVICES UPDATE:  NUSD currently serves 1,205 English Learners (EL) or 15.3 % of overall students (7,857) with approximately 32 languages.  NUSD is fortunate to have many students learning English as an additional language as they offer rich diversity in culture, language, and experiences to the community. This is an update on how NUSD is working towards comprehensively providing supports and services to English Learners.  See Item 13.a. for more information.

NEWCOMER STUDENT UPDATE:   As of January 7, 2020, EL Newcomers total 299 or 3.8% of our students.  The three areas of focus for supporting our English learners can be categorized in three different areas: Systems and Process, Instruction, and Social and Emotional Wellness.  See Item 13.b. for more information.

PARCEL TAX OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE:  The responsibility of the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee is to inform the public about the expenditures of Parcel Tax proceeds. As per the Board Policy, a report to the Board is issued annually.  The annual report for the 2018-2019 fiscal year was prepared and approved by the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee and accepted and approved by the Board. See Item 14.b. for the 2018-20 annual report, 2018-19 audited actuals and 2019-20 budget summary.

DEMOGRAPHIC AND ENROLLMENT PROJECTIONS:  NUSD contracted Golden State Planning Group in the fall of 2019 to conduct a Demographic Analysis and Enrollment Projection Study.  The study included an in-depth analysis of enrollment, including birth data, migration rates, land use, development, and planning; residency and census.  The study aimed to examine enrollment trends throughout the District for budgetary planning, as well as, current and future building capacity needs.  The District intends to use the study results to inform the current budget and for future facility planning efforts and considerations by the Board and administration.  See Item 14.c. to review the Demographic Report accepted and approved by the Board.

MEASURE G BOND – PHASE 2 ALLOCATIONS:  Details on the methodology and recommendations for Phase 2 allocations, including a focus on deferred maintenance (DM) needs and strategies were presented.  At the December 3, 2019 meeting, the Board approved $44.05 million for Deferred Maintenance.  Tonight’s presentation provided information and recommendations for other category funding allocations and the Board approved the Staff Recommendations.  These allocation amounts provide the Board detailed information to further develop, discuss and approve a Phase 2 prioritized project list at a future Board meeting. See Item 14.d. for the entire presentation.

Recordings of Board meetings can be found on NCTV’s YouTube Channel and NCTV reruns meetings on Comcast local Channel 30.

Next Board Meetings:           January 28, 2020, 7 pm

February 11, 2020, 7 pm