All Board reports can be found on Agenda Online.

Novato Charter School 5th and 6th grade students shared their musical talent with the Board.

DISTRICT ELECTIONS:  Cooperative Strategies, demographer, gave an overview of the process for moving to district elections and a public hearing was held for public comment.  The Board also discussed the pros and cons of seven versus five board members. Items 12.a.b.c.

NOVATO CHARTER SCHOOL REPORT:  Nikki Lloyd, Director, provided an update on Novato Charter School.  Please see Item 13.a. for more information.

UPDATE ON EARLY SCHOOL SUCCESS GRANT:  NUSD elementary principals shared the progress  of the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) Pre K – 5th grade Promoting Early School Success Grant. See Item 14.c. for more information.

SUMMER PROGRAMS:  Jen Larson shared the programs that are taking place this summer at NUSD:  Aim High for 120 6th-7th students, Camp University for 200 1st-5th graders, Newcomer Summer School for 6th-12th students, Summer in City Hall for 20 12th graders, Credit Recovery Summer Session, and Senior Summer School.  See Item 14.b. for more information

CURRICULUM ADOPTION TIMELINE:  Jen Larson shared the timeline for adopting World Language and Social Studies curriculum.  She will be back at the May 21 Board meeting with more information and seeking approval.  For more information see Item 14.d.

SAN MARIN LIGHTS UPDATE:  Yancy Hawkins gave the Board an update on the Lights project at San Marin. See Item 14.e.

SPECIAL EDUCATION IMPLEMENTATION PLAN:  Amie Carter presented the Implementation Plan to the Board and it was approved.  See Item 15.a. for more information.

PERFORMANCE BASED EDUCATION: Jen Larson presented the contract to establish a partnership with Marzano Research to develop performance-based education at NUSD and it was approved. See Item 15.b. for more information.

BOND PROJECTS:  Mike Woolard presented the contracts for the air-conditioning project at Lynwood, the renovation project at the Olive Avenue Warehouse for Food & Nutritional Services (Item c. and d.) and the contract for roof repair/replacement at Novato High School, skylight replacement at Lynwood, and a skylight repair on the gazebo at San Jose Middle School (Item 16.g.)  The board approved all contracts.

Recordings of Board meetings can be found on NCTV’s YouTube Channel and NCTV reruns meetings on Comcast local Channel 30.

Next Board Meetings:     May 21, 2019 6 pm, Regular Board Meeting, NISA Awards and Retirement and Employee Recognition

June 4, 2019 7 pm, Regular Board Meeting