All Board reports can be found on Agenda Online.

Public Comments:

  • NUSD School Board Candidates Forum, Thursday, October 4, 7 pm, at the Quest Church, sponsored by School Fuel and the League of Women Voters
  • About 12 teachers addressed the Board about salaries

A Public Hearing was held and a Resolution approved for Sufficiency of Instructional Materials under the Williams Act Item 12.a. and 13.a.

Assistant Superintendent Yancy Hawkins presented “Bond Program – Updated Phase 1 Project Plan” to the Board.  Presentation can be found under Item 13.b.

Questions for the Board:

  1. Confirm approval to complete projects through schematic design – $82,626,866 BOARD APPROVED
  1. Confirm approval of projects already scheduled for 2021 or later- $25,830,446 BOARD APPROVED
  1. Approve or Not Approve addition of three elementary school A/C projects into Phase 1 – $4,400,000 (Lynwood, Olive, Loma Verde) NOT BROUGHT FORWARD
  1. Approve or Not Approve moving forward with the Novato HS 2ndTurf Field – $2,700,000 NOT BROUGHT FORWARD
  1. Approve or Not Approve addition of turf softball and baseball fields at NHS – $5,705,000 NOT BROUGHT FORWARD
  1. Approve moving forward with the Facilities Master Plan update and reconvening the Bond Implementation Committee to prioritize Phase 2 projects BOARD APPROVED
  1. NEW MOTION AND APPROVAL: 4-3 vote to Approve A/C for three elementary schools (Lynwood, Olive, Loma Verde) $4.4 million, NHS baseball and softball turf fields $5.7 million, NHS 2nd turf field $2.7 million and defer $10.1 million from IT infrastructure upgrades, flexible furniture, classroom toolkit and as well as defer San Marin baseball and softball turf fields $4 million to 2021.

Amie Carter, Assistant Superintendent Education Services, presented the Board with updates to the Intradistrict Open Enrollment Administrative Regulations 5116.1 to clarify language about priorities, wait lists and mailings.  Board approved the updated administrative regulations. Item 13.c.

Yancy Hawkins presented the Board with the Budget Advisory Committee’s recommendation to review the size/enrollment at NUSD elementary schools as enrollment has declined 493 students between 2013 and 2018. An Elementary School Size Committee will be convened and be comprised of parents from all elementary schools.  For more information, please see Item 14.a.

Recordings of Board meetings can be found on NCTV’s YouTube Channel.

Next Board Meetings:      October 16, 2018, 7 pm Open Session, Regular Board Meeting                                             November 6, 2018, 7 pm Open Session, Regular Board Meeting