Developer Information


NUSD Developer Fees (effective 8.19.18):

  • Residential:       $3.79 per square foot
  • Commercial:      $0.61 per square foot
  • Mini Storage:     $0.12 per square foot

School Developer Fee Certification Form (Aug 2018)

Fees are collected for all additions/developments of 501 square feet or more. No fees are collected for additions/developments of 500 square feet or less; however, a form is required regardless of square footage.

Please complete and sign the PROPERTY OWNER section of the School Fee Certification Form, have the CITY OR COUNTY complete their section, then bring the form to the NUSD district office to pay your fees.

Once the fees are paid, and the District section of the form complete, you will return the form to either the City or County – as indicated on the form.

If you have additional questions – please contact Ashley Albertson at 415-493-4260 or [email protected].

The District Office is located at 1015 Seventh Street in Novato (across from Lucky); see Ashley Albertson – Business Wing, Room 110.