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Speech-Language Services

The District provides speech and/or language therapy to students who are eligible under an Individualized Education Plan.

School-based Speech-Language Pathologists are part of the special education team at each site. Speech Therapy is a service that can be provided if a student has a recognized speech or language impairment that adversely affects his/her educational performance. 34 CFR Section 300.8(c)(11) defines a speech or language impairment as a communication disorder, such as stuttering, impaired articulation, a language impairment, or a voice impairment, that adversely affects a child’s educational performance. When speech therapy is recommended through the IEP team, the level of services is dependent upon the student’s educational goals.

Speech-Language Pathologists


Early Intervention Preschool

Brenda Deadwyler

Pier Rindone

Hamilton Meadow Park

Rochelle Giannone

Hill Education Center

Loma Verde Elementary

Christina Hawkins

Lu Sutton Elementary

Katheryn Tidaback

Vanessa Yee

Lynwood Elementary

Adam Barnes

Novato Charter

Rochelle Giannone

Novato High School

Tristen Levy

Olive Elementary

Tiana McDowell

Pleasant Valley Elementary

Amanda Aguero

Rancho Elementary

Rochelle Giannone

San Jose Middle

Natalie Hession

San Marin High

Daniel Pearlstone

San Ramone Elementary

Donna Hoppe

Natalie Hession

Sinaloa Middle

Deborah Feore

Susan Leidy

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