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Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide excellent and reliable customer service by disseminating accurate, practical solutions and sound advice for employees and parents in support of student learning.

One of our primary goals is to maintain a welcoming, solution-oriented and professional office environment. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns. We will respond in a prompt and courteous manner at all times.


Who To Contact?

TopicPrimary ContactEmailExtension
Absence Management – DistrictLillianlrincon4246
AESOP Data / AssistanceLillianlrincon4246
Benefits (Health / Retirement)Danadsarubbi4204
School Calendar (“Parent Calendar”)Cyndeeccannon4207
Certificated Management EdJoinCyndeeccannon4207
Certificated EdJoinEllenechristensendenton4248
Certificated Emp MaintEllenechristensendenton4248
Certificated New Hire/OrientationEllenechristensendenton4248
Certificated PAF / EAREllenechristensendenton4248
Certificated RecruitmentEllenechristensendenton4248
Charter School Emp MaintMarciamcarey4275
Classified EdJoinMarciamcarey4275
Classified Emp MaintMarciamcarey4275
Classified New Hire/OrientationMarciamcarey4275
Classified PAF / EARMarciamcarey4275
Classified Professional GrowthMarciamcarey4275
Classified RecruitmentLillian/Marcialrincon/mcarey4246/4275
Credential AnalystEllenechristensendenton4248
Credential Reports/NotificationCyndeeccannon4207
EDD NotificationLillianlrincon4246
Employment VerificationsEllen / CertificatedMarcia / Classified4220
EvaluationsEllen / CertificatedLillian / Classified4220
Executive Assistant to Kris CoscaCyndeeccannon4207
HR Office ManagerCyndeeccannon4207
Payroll Back-UpDanadsarubbi4204
Required TrainingLillianlrincon4246
Salary SchedulesCyndeeccannon4207
SEID NumbersEllenechristensendenton4248
TB TestingLillianlrincon4246
Volunteer ProcessingLillianlrincon4246
Workers’ CompensationDanadsarubbi4204
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