Welcome Certificated Staff

Below you will find forms and information for certificated staff.

Schedules & Seniority Information

Reporting Absences

Full-time certificated employees receive a total bank of ten days for sick leave per year. Seven of those days may be used for personal necessity annually. Unused sick days are carried over annually. Unused personal necessity days are not. Part-time certificated employees receive fewer days based on their employment status.

Absence Management (formerly AESOP) Employee Guide

Absence Management Log-In Link

Absence Notification FormComplete form, get Administrator’s signature, and then send original form to Lillian Rincon in Human Resources.

Evaluations & Goal Setting

For evaluations, appraisals, goal setting and more, please visit the Administrator’s webpage on the NUSD website.

Job Sharing

Certificated employees who wish to share a 1.0 FTE position need to receive prior approval from their site administrator annually before submitting the Job Share Teaching Assignment Application, Work Calendars, and Proposal to Human Resources by March 1st.

Job share position contracts are approved on an annual basis for one school year only.

Job Share Teaching Assignment Application

Prior Approval of Unit Credit

NUSD encourages its employees to further their education by taking courses related to their field. Certificated employees need to receive prior approval from their site administrators before taking coursework. Approved forms and official transcripts are due annually on October 1st. Please note that NUSD tracks coursework in semester units. Courses on the quarter system are calculated at 67% of a semester unit.

Ten (10) clock hours = 1 Quarter Unit = 1 Continuing Ed ucation Unit =  2/3 semester unit or .67 semester units.

Unit Credit for Salary Advancement Guidelines

Prior Approval of UnitCredit-CertificatedForm

Leave of Absence, Resignation, & Retirement Information

Novato Federation of Teachers, Local 1986

Be sure to keep your credential current by visiting

the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website!