Novato Unified School District is dedicated to provide students with a rigorous and balanced math program that provides all students the opportunities, experiences and resources to be successful. We have fully implemented the California Math Standards (linked below).  An important part of NUSD’s math program is our commitment to the Eight Mathematical Practices. The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe the expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students. The Eight Practices are:

  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  4. Model with mathematics
  5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  6. Attend to precision.
  7. Look for and make use of structure.
  8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

Description of Middle School Math Placement Assessments

MAP RIT score – Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are computerized adaptive tests which provide a RIT score (Rasch UnIT) for students. The RIT measurement scale was developed to simplify the interpretation of test scores.  Essentially, this is a norm referenced test and allows us to see how the student performs in relation to other students at their grade level nationwide.  Students will be considered for the compacted pathway if their scores are in the “Exceeded Standard” range which is 237 (6th graders) and 241 (7th graders) or higher.

Grade Level Common Assessment – This is a 30 question multiple choice test which is drawn from our adopted math curriculum (College Preparatory Math: CPM) test bank and measures mastery of the content standards. The 6th grade test is made up of questions provided in the Readiness for the Compacted 7/8 course item bank. The 7th grade test is also from the CPM test bank and measures Algebra Readiness. Students in 6th and 7th grade need to score 24 out of 30 to be considered for the compacted pathway.

MARS Tasks – These are performance tasks developed by the Silicon Valley Math Initiative (http://www.svmimac.org/), and measure students’ abilities to utilize the mathematical practices and connect them to grade level content.  The students complete practice tasks throughout the school year. For placement, the students will complete three performance tasks.  The tasks they complete for the criteria will be double blind scored by NUSD math teachers using rubrics from the Silicon Valley Math Initiative.  To be considered for the compacted pathway, students need to score an 18 out of 24 to show meeting standards at a high level.

2nd Semester Math Class Grade – In order to be considered for the compacted course pathway, students need to have a 94% as an overall grade in the class for the second semester.  This takes into consideration not only how they perform on tests and quizzes, but also their participation in class, projects and homework.

Appeals for Math Placement

If you wish to appeal your middle school students’  math placement, please download and complete this appeal letter. As a reminder, the “Appeal for Consideration for Class Placement Without Meeting Criteria” document is due by May 28, 2019, to Curriculum & Instruction Department located at 1015 Seventh Street, Room 202. Please address this appeal to Catherine Nam. We will not accept appeals after the due date.