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Students! Would you like to explore a career path in the spring while earning high school credit? If so, apply for a Spring 2017 School-to-Career Partnership Internship! The spring internship cycle will run from February 13th through April 7th. Requirements: 52 hours of internship. Also, if you would like college credit for your internship, you can take an additional 8-10 hour internship class through the College of Marin!

Internships look great on college and job applications and can give you important information about the work environment of your chosen career field. Please apply online using the link below. The deadline to submit your Spring 2017 Internship Application is Friday, January 20th.  Juniors and seniors are given priority of internship placements.

If you have any questions, please email Sita Aiello.

Sita Aiello
Sita AielloStudent Internship Coordinator: NUSD
[email protected]
Tuesdays: Marin Oaks High School
Thursdays: San Marin High School
Fridays: Novato High School

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