Marin County YMCA and Novato Unified School District are proud to team up to offer a new preschool opportunity at select schools in the District.  The YMCA brings to our partnership years of outstanding experience in providing a supportive, nurturing environment that enriches the development of the whole child and provides a strong foundation for the entire family.

Please visit Marin County YMCA’s Preschool – Early Education website to download an Inquiry Form and find more information.

Program Goals

  • To promote social, emotional and cognitive growth through “hands on” experiences offered in written curriculum plans.
  • To provide a nurturing, relaxed environment where self-esteem, decision making, independence and self-regulation can be learned.
  • To provide an opportunity for children to appreciate all aspects of diversity in themselves and others.
  • To encourage cooperation and growth of interpersonal relationships while building trust with others.
  • To provide clear, easily understood expectations and boundaries for children.
  • To meet the developmental needs of the child while encouraging creativity, self-expression and the building of confidence.

Program Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing high quality professional instruction to preschool children.  Creating strong emotional bonds between the child, their peers, teachers and families is our primary focus.  Children need to feel emotionally and physically safe in their environment in order to reach their highest potential.

We understand that children develop at different rates and incorporate that belief into every aspect of the program.  We provide many opportunities for children to engage in developmentally appropriate activities to support their learning.  We understand that a well-educated, stable staff that cares deeply about children is central to a high quality program.

The Director and all teaching staff are required to hold California State Permits issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.