About Early Intervention

NUSD’s Early Intervention Program is located on the Rancho Elementary School campus and provides special education services for identified students between the ages of three and five years when assessment results show that mild, non-intensive or moderate services are the most appropriate and least restrictive environment to meet their needs.

Our credentialed learning specialists engage our young students in developmentally appropriate learning that is both purposeful and playful.  Through implementation of the California Department of Education’s Preschool Learning foundations, our early learners are provided with child-centered play and fun-filled enrichment activities that support social-emotional development, language, literacy and mathematics. Through whole group and small group specialized instruction our students gain the foundational skills that support continued educational success.

The continuum of service options includes: speech therapy, occupational therapy, language lab, specialized academic instruction (2.5 hours per day from two up to four days weekly), or a combination of services.  Occupational therapy motor group is provided in each specialized academic classroom weekly to facilitate the development of fine and gross motor skills prior to students’ enrollment in kindergarten.

Application Process

  1. Contact the Office , 415 493-4600, to initiate the Intake process.  You will be helped to complete the Intake packet and guide you through the sign up process.
  2. Submit the paperwork that is part of your Intake packet.
  3. You will be contacted after your Intake packet has been reviewed.