Student Health Services

Success in school is linked to health and health is linked to school success. Quality of life is linked to both health and school success. School nurses are in schools to support learning and to ensure a safe learning environment.

  • Federal Law (IDEA) defines services required for students with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). A school nurse is a member of the Individualized Education Program teams for each student with a disability. They assess for each initial IEP and triennial review.
  • Section 504 of the Federal Law requires health service for children with any disability affecting school performance. A school nurse may be a member of the 504 team.
  • Services can also be delineated through a well-developed Individual Health Plan that may be included in an IEP or a Section 504 Accommodations Plan.

Additionally, school nurses provide a variety of health-related services including vision and hearing screenings, communicable disease education and prevention, parent education and are liaisons between medical providers and the school. The school nurses oversee treatment nurses and paraprofessionals who provide specialized health care services to identified students.