In January 2005 a new California law went into effect allowing students with asthma to carry and self administer
their prescribed asthma medication. This legislation amends the California Education Code so that students with asthma would have immediate access to their potentially life-saving medications. Previously, schools and school districts decided
independently whether or not to allow students to carry and self-administer asthma medication. Schools will now benefit from knowing that many students with asthma have their medication right when they need it.


Students who need to take asthma medication prescribed by a physician during the school day may
carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medication if two requirements are met.

Requirement #1

The school district must receive a written statement from the physician with the following information :

a. The name of the medication;
b. How it is to be used;
c. Dosage;
d. Confirmation that the student is able to self-administer the medication.

Requirement #2

The school district must receive a written statement from parent/foster parent/guardian with the following information :

a. Consent allowing the student to self administer his/her asthma medication;
b. Release allowing the school nurse or other designated school personnel to consult
with the student’s physician if questions or concerns arise;
c. Release absolving the school district and school personnel from civil liability if the self-administering student suffers an

adverse reaction.

Medication Authorization

Resources and Additional Documents:

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