Union Negotiations

September 13, 2019 – Negotiations Update

On September 9, 2019, members of the District’s Negotiations Team, along with members of the Novato Federation of Teachers (NFT) Negotiations Team, met for a half-day of negotiations.

After the District provided an update of the current and future budget landscape, which showed deficit spending over the next three years, the District made an offer to increase the salary of NFT members by 1%.  NUSD is reviewing submitted proposals from NFT on articles that are open for negotiations and will respond to those proposals during our next negotiations session.

An offer of 1% to NFT members is approximately $415,000 annually, which unless other reductions are made district-wide, would result in continued deficit spending or necessitate budget reductions.

NFT brought further clarification to their initial offer which includes:

  • A 7% salary increase (at a cost of $2,900,000 annually).
  • Other changes to the collective bargaining agreement for an estimated additional $2,500,000 annually.
  • The total package of NFT’s initial offer is at least $5,400,000 annually or the equivalent of a 13% salary increase.

No agreements were reached at this time, however the District remains optimistic in collaboratively finding a fair and fiscally responsible agreement with NFT.

Negotiations are scheduled to continue on September 23, 2019.