12.4.18 Board Meeting Highlights

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12.4.18 Board Meeting Highlights

Superintendent Jim Hogeboom presented the Board with the District’s Final Priorities and Goals for 2018-19.  Priorities remain Equity, Student Success, Staff Success and Community Engagement. The Board approved the Priorities and Goals. Please see Item 16.a. for more information.

Superintendent Hogeboom also presented the Final Equity Imperative for 2018-19.  New to this version is the expansion of the Targeted Goals.  The approved the Final Equity Imperative.  More information can be found in Item 16.b.

Assistant Superintendent Amie Carter presenting information on the California Dashboard (California Dashboard for NUSD can be found here.)  A tutorial on Dashboard Measurements can be found here.  More information can be found in Item 17.a.

The Staff Report for Competency/Proficiency Based learning (Item 17.b.) was moved to the December 18, 2018, Board Meeting.

Deputy Superintendent Kris Cosca presented Teacher Retention Data showing results from an exit survey conducted this past fall compared to similar survey results since 2013. More information can be found in Item 17.c.

Director, Communications & Community Engagement, presented the Student Retention Results.  Each fall for the past four years, families whose students have left NUSD have been surveyed to learn more on their departure. More information can be found in Item 17.d.

Recordings of Board meetings can be found on NCTV’s YouTube Channel.

Next Board Meetings:   December 18, 2018, 7 pm Open Session, Regular Board Meeting

January 15, 2019, 7 pm Open Session, Regular Board Meeting

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