Wellness and Mental Health


Marin Health & Human Services
Mobile Crisis Response Team 
1-9 pm Monday-Saturday

415 473-6392 Phone
CRS Dial 711
415 473-6666 After Hours

Access Team
The 24/7 phone line is: 1-888-818-1115
In person assessments are provided by appointment during business hours.
**The Access Team provides information and screening for mental health and substance use services over the phone and in-person as needed. The team assesses the needs of clients and provides referrals and authorization for treatments. Substance use services, such as outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment and withdrawal management (detoxification), are available to people who meet medical necessity criteria and have Medi-Cal or who are uninsured. All substance use services are available on a sliding fee scale, based on ability to pay.

Bay Area Community Resources
Counseling Clinic (415) 444-5580
BACR: Marin Counseling Clinic

North Marin Community Services (NMCS)
Counseling (415) 892-1643 x239 (Se habla Espanol)
NMCS Counseling and Therapy Services
Novato Resource Guide for Mental Health Resources

Novato Teen Clinic
Wednesday, 1:30- 5pm drop-in (415) 985-5012 (call or text)

The Novato Teen Clinic offers a free, confidential drop-in clinic for teens ages 12-21 to access reproductive and behavioral health care. We test for pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. We also provide birth control, condoms, mental health counseling, and pelvic exams for those who are experiencing symptoms.

Marin Community Clinic
(415) 448-1500

Center for Domestic Peace
C4DP: Teens and Young Adults
Marin Youth Services
Relationships exist on a spectrum, from healthy to unhealthy to abusive — and everywhere in between. It can be hard to determine where your relationship falls, especially if you haven’t dated a lot.

C4DP can help:

  • Figure out if what’s going on in a relationship (whether talking, hanging out, or hooking up) is healthy or not.
  • Connect with others who are dealing with similar issues.
  • Make a safety plan and talk about options.
  • Get emergency shelter and/or legal protection.

How? Call or text our youth services phone line 415-526-2557, M-F, 9am-5pm
Also, peer advocates are available for assistance and support 24 hours a day. Seven days a week from the National Dating Abuse Hotline.
Learn more about C4DP’s youth advocacy work of Marin Against Youth Abuse (MAYA) by clicking here!

North Bay Suicide Prevention
Call (415) 499-1100  (available 24 hours)

Marin Crisis Stabilization Unit
(415) 499-6666 (available 24 hours)
250 Bon Air Road, Greenbrae, CA 94904

Know the Signs
Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign built on three key messages: Know the signs. Find the words. Reach out. This campaign is intended to educate Californians how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to find the words to have a direct conversation with someone in crisis and where to find professional help and resources. Know the Signs is part of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement. To learn more, including how you can get involved, visit EachMindMatters.org

Reconozca Las Señales
Reconozca las Señales es una campaña educativa a nivel estatal acerca de la prevención del suicidio, la cual está basada en tres mensajes fundamentales: Reconoza las Señales. Escuche y Dialogue. Busque Ayuda.El propósito de esta campaña es de educar a las comunidades en California sobre cómo reconocer las señales de advertencia del suicidio, cómo escuchar y encontrar las palabras apropiadas para crear un dialogo directo con alguien en crisis del suicidio y dónde buscar recursos y ayuda profesional. Reconozca las Señales es parte de SanaMente, el movimiento de salud mental de California. Para aprender más visite SanaMente.org.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255; Spanish Language phone line at 1-888-628-9454
Available 24/7

Trevor Lifeline
A crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service
Available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386

Trans Lifeline
Created and staffed by transgender people, the Trans Lifeline is for any transgender person in crisis.

Crisis Text Line
Text HELLO to 741741

The Spahr Center
Spahr Center: Youth Drop-in Groups
LGBTQ Youth Drop-in Groups (Novato, 1st and 3rd Weds, 5- 6:30)
Groupo de Acogida Juvenil (San Rafael, 2nd and 4th Weds, 5- 6:30)

Gender Spectrum- Resources for Teens
Know Your Rights: A Guide for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students

Love is Respect
loveisrespect’s purpose is to engage, educate and empower young people to prevent and end abusive relationships.

CHAT: 24/7/365
CALL: 1.866.331.9474 (Se habla Espanol); TTY: 1.866.331.8453

Healthy LGBTQ Relationships

Be True and Be You: A Basic Mental Health Guide for LGBTQ+ Youth
If you are, or think you might be LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and other identities), and going through a tough time, you’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to figure out your own identity or want to learn how to talk to others, it can be hard to know where to find support.

Marin Rapid Response Network

La Red de Respuesta Inmediata de Marin está compuesta por líderes comunitarios, organizaciones que se interesan por el poder de los inmigrantes, organizaciones comunitarias y líderes religiosos que se han unido para colaborar en la defensa de las comunidades inmigrantes de Marin.
The Marin Rapid Response Network is comprised of community leaders, immigrant empowerment organizations, nonprofits and faith based leaders that have come together to lead a collaborative effort in defense of our immigrant communities in Marin.

Canal Alliance

Canal Alliance is a nonprofit champion of immigrants who are challenged by a lack of resources and an unfamiliar environment.  We believe everyone has the right to achieve their dreams. Every day, we educate, empower, support, and partner with motivated immigrants to best meet all their unique needs—from putting food on the table, to becoming American citizens, to learning English, to graduating from college. Because when we support immigrants, Marin becomes a place where everyone can live, work, and succeed.

Conozca sus Derechos
Know your Rights

Guia para Inmigrantes en Marin
Guide for Immigrant Families in Marin

Marin Community Clinics

Marin Community Clinics es una red de múltiples clínicas con una amplia variedad de servicios de atención primaria, especializaciones y referencias.  Es nuestro carácter de Centro de Salud Calificado a nivel federal, anualmente brindamos servicios de salud vitales a más de 34,000 pacientes, tengan o no seguro.  En Marin Community Clinics, nuestro enfoque es ayudarlo a permanecer saludable y prestar atención a la persona entera: su salud física y emocional, la nutrición y su bienestar general.

Ser Fuerte

La meta de la campaña SerFuerte es de guiar a la comunidad Latina a recibir ayuda sobre la salud mental. Es importante tomar acción y cuidar de su bienestar emocional sobre todo para usted y sus seres queridos. Por lo cual, la gente de la comunidad creó este mensaje de SerFuerte, porque no solo se refiere a la salud física sino también a lo importante que es cuidar de la salud mental.

Para Servicios de Terapia Contacte A
Coordinador del Bienestar Latino – Alexis Mendoza-Ochoa
[email protected]
(415) 897-4147 ext: 25

Para más información contacte a

Directora de Servicios Latinos – Berta Campos-Anicetti
[email protected]
(415) 897-4147 ext: 31

Para Apoyo Emocional
Coordinadora del Programa de Promotores – Silvia Albuja
[email protected]
(415) 897-4147 ext: 19

Los Promotores proveen apoyo emocional a la comunidad Latina reuniéndose personalmente o a través del teléfono con clientes. Si usted necesita desahogarse o hablar confidencialmente con alguien, ellos les podrían entender mejor porque también han pasado por momentos difíciles. Por favor contáctese con la coordinadora de los Promotores Silvia Albuja.

Reconozca Las Señales
Reconozca las Señales es una campaña educativa a nivel estatal acerca de la prevención del suicidio, la cual está basada en tres mensajes fundamentales: Reconoza las Señales. Escuche y Dialogue. Busque Ayuda.El propósito de esta campaña es de educar a las comunidades en California sobre cómo reconocer las señales de advertencia del suicidio, cómo escuchar y encontrar las palabras apropiadas para crear un dialogo directo con alguien en crisis del suicidio y dónde buscar recursos y ayuda profesional. Reconozca las Señales es parte de SanaMente, el movimiento de salud mental de California. Para aprender más visite SanaMente.org.

Seize the     Awkward
Suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst young adults. Friends can play a crucial role in suicide prevention, since 76% of young adults turn to a friend in a time of crisis. This generation is ready to crack open the cultural conversation about mental health, but they’re missing the language to do it. Seize the Awkward aims to encourage and empower young adults to reach out to a friend who may be struggling with their mental health. Campaign assets drive to SeizeTheAwkward.org, which provides resources, such as tutorial videos, information on warning signs, conversation starters, tips on how to sustain a conversation around mental health.
How to start that conversation with your friend about mental health

The Jed Foundation
Protecting Emotional Health.  Preventing Suicide.
Transitioning into adulthood can bring big changes and intense challenges. The Jed Foundation (JED) empowers teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy, thriving adults.
The Jed Foundation’s Mental Health Resource Centerprovides essential information about common emotional health issues and shows teens and young adults how they can support one another, overcome challenges and make a successful transition to adulthood.

Bring Change 2 Mind
Our Mission: To end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.
Understanding Mental Illness
The fact is, a mental illness is a disorder of the brain – your body’s most important organ – and one in four adults experience mental illness in a given year, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and PTSD. Like most diseases of the body, mental illness has many causes – from genetics to other biological, environmental and social / cultural factors. And just as with most diseases, mental illnesses are no one’s fault. The unusual behaviors associated with some illnesses are symptoms of the disease – not the cause. But most importantly, mental illnesses are treatable through medication and psychosocial therapies – allowing those who live with them the opportunity to lead full and productive lives.

Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline is a national trans-led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of trans lives by responding to the critical needs of our community with direct service, material support, advocacy, and education. Our vision is to fight the epidemic of trans suicide and improve overall life-outcomes of trans people by facilitating justice-oriented, collective community aid.

Love is Respect
loveisrespect’s purpose is to engage, educate and empower young people to prevent and end abusive relationships.

CHAT: 24/7/365
CALL: 1.866.331.9474 (Se habla Espanol); TTY: 1.866.331.8453

Healthy Relationships
Healthy LGBTQ Relationships

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

Know Your IX
Founded in 2013, Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools. We envision a world in which all students can pursue their civil right to educations free from violence and harassment. We recognize that gender violence is both a cause of inequity and a consequence of it, and we believe that women, transgender, and gender non-conforming students will not have equality in education or opportunity until the violence ends. We draw upon the civil rights law Title IX as an alternative to the criminal legal system — one that is more just and responsive to the educational, emotional, financial, and stigmatic harms of violence.

To Write Love on Her Arms
To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Stop, Breathe, & Think
SBT is an emotional wellness platform that teaches meditation and mindfulness. Our mission is to help kids, teens and young adults build the emotional strength to tackle life’s ups and downs.

Download in the Apple Store of Google Play store (free)

The app provides opportunities for users to try out a variety of mindfulness practices, while also teaching them interesting facts about the brain science behind those practices.

Download in the Apple Store of Google Play store (free)

My3 App
MY3 lets you stay connected if/when you are having thoughts of suicide. With MY3, you define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself and reach out to others when you are having thoughts of suicide.

Download in the Apple Store of Google Play store (free)

Calm Harm
The urge to self-harm is like a wave.
It feels the most powerful when you start wanting to do it.

Learn to ride the wave with the free Calm Harm app using these activities, which incorporate the basic principles of an evidence-based therapy called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).:
Comfort, Distract, Express Yourself, Release, Random and Breathe.
When you ride the wave, the urge to self-harm will fade.

Download in the Apple Store of Google Play store (free)Save

Supporting Children’s Mental Health Tips for Parents and Educators

Contact your child’s PTA/PTSA
The top priority for parents is their children’s well-being. Research has proven that students do better when their parents are involved both at home and at school. One simple way for you to help your child succeed is to join PTA/PTSA!
PTA/PTSA helps parents, students, school staff and the community work together on programs and activities that benefit children.

The Spahr Center
Parent Support Groups
The LGBTQ and Gender Expansive Parent Support Group is a great resource for parents, as well as caregivers, to talk about parenting LGBTQ and/or Gender-expansive children and teens. A safe, sensitive space for parents and caregivers to receive support while they explore what is going on with the children in their lives, their own thoughts and feelings, and how to best support their children. Facilitated by Janna Barkin, parent and author of He’s Always Been My Son.

This group meets monthly; on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise noted. Please check our calendar for location.
The Spahr Center: Events Calendar

The Spahr Center Resources:
A Guide for Parents of Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth
Gender Spectrum: Parenting and Family

Love is Respect
loveisrespect’s purpose is to engage, educate and empower young people to prevent and end abusive relationships.

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Dating Violence

Self-Injury and Recovery Research and Resources
This website is part of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery and summarizes our work, and provides links and resources to self injury information.

Marin County Office of Education
Safe Schools and Prevention Services
The Marin County Office of Education Safe Schools and Prevention Programs are designed to support safe learning environments through activities to: reduce school violence; prevent alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse; provide gang awareness and prevention training; supply emergency preparedness workshops and resources; promote the safe and appropriate use of technology and offer parents and students with information to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Student Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
Resources and information about suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention

The Jason Foundation Parent Resource Program
The Parent Resource Program aims to provide parents, guardians, and loved ones with some of the information, tools and resources to help identify at-risk youth and know how to assist them in getting help before a tragedy occurs. Prevention begins with education.

Seize the Awkward

Not That Weird- Bring Change to Mind

Stop, Breathe, & Think

Need help?  Reach out!

Marie McMahon[email protected]          A-F (415) 798-5022
Oscar Galdamez[email protected]  G-L (se habla español) (415) 798-5017
Debbie Hagan[email protected]  M-P (se habla español)(415) 798-5016
Nonie Reyes[email protected]  P-Z (se habla español)(415) 798-5020
Anna McGee[email protected] AVID and NBI students(415) 798-5034
Marta Posada[email protected]Newcomers (se habla español)(415) 493-4236

Bring Change to Mind
Meets every other Monday in room 3602
Bring Change to Mind is a student-led club dedicated to mental health conversations.  It gives teens a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health. Our goal is to empower students to educate one another, and their communities, and to create a culture of peer support within their schools. Together, we’ll fight the stigma around mental illness.

Meets every Tuesday in room 2106

SAGA (Sexual and Gender Acceptance) Club
(Formerly GTSA: Gay Trans Straight Alliance)

Meets every Friday in room 3201

NHS Link Crew
Link Crew is a nationwide peer mentoring program that helps students transition from their 8th grade year to their freshman year of high school, beginning with freshman orientation in August. At freshman orientation, each incoming freshman is automatically placed in a “Crew” of ten students with two upperclassmen “Link Leaders.”  These “Link Crews” spend the day together at freshman orientation, and then meet periodically throughout the year for social and academic follow-ups.  Novato High’s Link Crew began recruiting its first cohort of leaders in the spring of 2014, and has continued to grow ever since!

San Marin High School

More Resources

The Jason Foundation Parent Resource Program

Crisis Text Line

North Bay Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Know The Signs

Reconozca Las Señales

The Trevor Project

Trans Lifeline

National Alliance on Mental Illness

California State Suicide Prevention Website

Seize the Awkward


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