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Superintendent’s Office

Jim Hogeboom
Jim HogeboomSuperintendent
415 897-4211
[email protected]

Responsible for overall operation of NUSD; Supervises Assistant Superintendents, Directors, site principals and departments; Secretary to the Board of Education; Community and Staff Communication; Formal Complaints per Board Policy 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures.  

Gladys Batz
Gladys BatzExecutive Assistant to Superintendent
415 897-4211
[email protected]

Superintendent appointments; coordination of evaluation schedule; master calendar; Board of Education agendas and minutes; board reports; board policies; formal complaints; special projects; flyer approval.

Leslie Benjamin
Leslie BenjaminPublic Information Officer
415 897-4259
[email protected]

Public relations; social media, media communications; information requests; Web Master; newsletters; SARCs; special projects; Community Project Liaison.

Business Services

Business Contact Sheet

Don't know who to contact?

Don't know who to contact?

Consult this handy guide of who to reach for what business service

Business Services Guide

Yancy Hawkins
Yancy HawkinsAssistant Superintendent- Business & Operations
[email protected]
Ann Luckiesh
Ann LuckieshExecutive Assistant
[email protected]
Nancy Walker
Nancy WalkerDirector of Fiscal Services
[email protected]
Jennifer Frost
Jennifer FrostBusiness Manager
[email protected]

Payroll and Benefits


Nellie Gogas
Nellie GogasPayroll (H-N)
[email protected]
Abbie St. Marie Kearns
Abbie St. Marie KearnsPayroll (O-Z & Charter)
[email protected]

Suzette Donnelly
Suzette DonnellySuzette Donnelly, Payroll (A-G)
[email protected]

Accounts Payable

Susie Treanor
Susie TreanorAccount Tech III
[email protected]
Rob Ghiorzi
Rob GhiorziAccounts Payable
[email protected]

Misc Services

Renee Bracken
Renee BrackenAccount Tech
[email protected]
Jessie Vasquez
Jessie VasquezPrint Shop / Mail Room
[email protected]
Janet Filipelli
Janet FilipelliAccounting Technician II
[email protected]

Education Services

Ivan Chaidez
Ivan ChaidezAssistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Curriculum and Instruction

Julia Kempkey
Julia KempkeyDirector, Instruction & Innovation
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Michelle Stephens
Michelle StephensElementary Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Jennifer Larson
Jennifer LarsonSecondary Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Melissa Diaz
Melissa Diaz English Learner Coordinator
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Suzanne Hirshfield
Suzanne HirshfieldDistrict Administrative Coordinator
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson Administrative Secretary
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Sally Carbonaro
Sally CarbonaroAdministrative Secretary
(415) 897-4269
[email protected]
Laurie Campbell
Laurie CampbellInstructional Coach
[email protected]

Student Services

Karen Valentine
Karen ValentineCoordinator of Student Services
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant III
[email protected]
(415) 897-4288

Special Education


Kelly Johnson
Kelly JohnsonDirector of Special Education
[email protected]
Karin Jinbo
Karin JinboCoordinator, Behavioral Health
[email protected]
Andrew Weiher
Andrew WeiherBehaviorist
[email protected]
Kanani Cherry
Kanani CherrySecondary Program Specialist
[email protected]
Hazel Foster
Hazel FosterPre-k/Elementary Program Specialist
[email protected]
Yvette Garcia Thornburgh
Yvette Garcia ThornburghEarly Intervention Program Sepcialist
[email protected]
Mary Hamilton
Mary HamiltonAdministrative Secretary
[email protected]
Helen Hughes Tome
Helen Hughes TomeAdministrative Secretary
[email protected]

Food and Nutritional Services (FANS)

Miguel Villarreal
Miguel VillarrealDirector of Food and Nutritional Services
[email protected]
Gina Proffitt
Gina ProffittProgram Specialist
[email protected]
Laura Swanson
Laura SwansonAccount Tech
[email protected]

Robin Larson
Robin LarsonSite Operations Supervisor
[email protected]
Marlene Bergo
Marlene BergoPurchaser
[email protected]

Human Resources

Kris Cosca
Kris CoscaAssistant Superintendent, Director of Human Resources
[email protected]
Cyndee Cannon
Cyndee CannonExecutive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
[email protected]
Lillian Rincon
Lillian RinconExecutive Assistant I
[email protected]

Maintains Aesop and absence tracking; Professional Expert Agreements;observation/evaluation tracking; file maintenance;
job descriptions; TB testing and fingerprinting; Mandated Reporting; Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate.

Marcia Carey
Marcia CareyHuman Resources Specialist
[email protected]

Employee maintenance and data entry for new employees and for any changes in employment status; district and state reports and surveys; salary schedule maintenance related to negotiated increases; system and district calendar maintenance; coordinates drug testing and fingerprinting; Personnel Actions.

Ellen Christensen-Denton
Ellen Christensen-Denton Human Resources Specialist
[email protected]

Coordinates certificated staff personnel actions, recruitment, hiring, unit advancement, evaluation tracking, employee maintenance, and data entry.

Dana Sarubbi
Dana SarubbiBenefits & Payroll Technician
[email protected]

Information Technology

Sean Rozell
Sean RozellDirector of Information Technology
[email protected]

Sean attended UC Berkeley and worked for UC Berkeley/NASA after graduation.  He then began working in IT for various financial industry firms for 10 years.  He switched to working in CA’s public education in 2007 and has served as the Deputy CTO and the Interim CTO for San Francisco USD and as the CTO of San Rafael City Schools before coming to Novato USD in May of 2015.  He has also served on the Board of Directors for the California Education Technology Professionals Association (CETPA).

Technology Support Services Team


email [email protected] (in emergencies dial) ext. #4299

Need support with technology in your office or classroom?

Don’t panic! Email [email protected] to connect with your nearest tech and get your issue resolved. In a tech emergency, you can always call extension #4299 to reach our help desk directly and summon help. The NUSD tech support team is here to help!

Ryan Green
Ryan GreenTechnology Supervisor
[email protected]

Ryan has been working in technology for k-12 school districts since 2001.  He graduated from CSU Chico with a degree in Information and Communication Systems.  He joined NUSD in November of 2014 as the I.T. Supervisor.

Joan Finkle
Joan FinkleNetwork Analyst
[email protected]

Joan Finkle has been working in the IT industry since 1998 and has been with the district since 2013. She has experience in supporting single user environments up to enterprise level systems and looks forward to supporting and helping NUSD grow.

Betsy Ussery
Betsy UsserySystems Analyst
[email protected]

Betsy has been working for NUSD since 2001. She initially worked as a tech at Olive Elementary, then graduated to the District Office IT department in 2008. Betsy graduated from College of Marin with an AA in Behavioral Sciences. She now serves the District as a Systems Analyst, coordinating the installation, maintenance, and repair of important systems throughout the district.

Nonny David
Nonny DavidTechnology Support Technician III
[email protected]

Nonny Graduated from the University of Vermont with her Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education (Biology and History). She has taught, paraeducated, and supported technology as a part time hobby before deciding to make it her full time career.

Schedule a Support Appointment

Data Support Services Team

Alex Perez
Alex PerezData Systems Supervisor
[email protected]

Alex has worked in IT for 11 years, specializing in server and data systems.  He currently serves as the Data Systems Supervisor.  Studying at CSU Stanislaus and I.T.T Tech, he majored in computer sciences.  Before bringing his talents to NUSD, he previously worked at San Rafael City Schools.

Don Nicodemus
Don NicodemusSystems Analyst
[email protected]

In the last  25 years, Don has worked as a Programmer, Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, IT Consultant, and Supervisor including 12 years at educational organizations ranging from K-12 and graduate institutions.  He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.

Joanne Briggs
Joanne BriggsStudent Systems Technician II
[email protected]
Craig Lubey
Craig LubeyStudent Systems Technician II
[email protected]

Maintenance, Operations, Facilities

 (415) 892-1596

Mark Silva
Mark SilvaDirector of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
[email protected]
(415) 493-4575
Kyle Manford
Kyle ManfordSupervisor of Maintenance and Operations
[email protected]
(415) 493-4575
Lynette Van Dalen
Lynette Van DalenAdministrative Secretary
[email protected]
Judge Taylor
Judge TaylorFacilities Coordinator
[email protected]


(415) 892-1598

Matt Brown
Matt BrownTransportation Supervisor
(415) 493-4580
Kevin Gomes
Kevin GomesMechanic Supervisor
[email protected]
Evie Hodgkinson
Evie HodgkinsonDispatcher
[email protected]

NUSD does not provide home to school transportation for its general education students.  If you need help in transporting your child to school, Marin Transit and SchoolPoolMarin are good resources.

In order to serve more NUSD students, Marin Transit is changing their transportation routes as of August 4, 2013.

Click here for their July 17, 2013, press release:

New Route 151
New Route 154

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