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Engage, inspire and empower all students, in a rapidly changing world, to realize their life goals


NUSD will provide an innovative and personalized learning experience for every student in a caring and supportive environment to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful and productive citizens.

NUSD will engage parents, teachers, and our community to actively support our students’ growth and learning.







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Graduate Profile 

On May 17, 2016, the Novato Unified Board of Trustees approved the Graduate Profile after much input from teachers, students, parents, local business owners, and community members on what skills students need after they graduate.

The Graduate Profile is comprised of 6 C’s to ensure students are well prepared for their future:  Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Conscientious Learner, Cultural Competence and Character.

In addition to these 21st Century learning skills, students must also learn to master the academic content so they have the choice of being able to attend a UC or CSU.  As our Equity Imperative Declaration states, some students are situated differently to this goal than others, and so our equity challenge is to ensure that ALL students, regardless of race, have the support they need to master content and skills.

All 6 C’s of the Graduate Profile will be assessed via a presentation of portfolio or exhibition at grades 5, 8 and 12.  Project-based learning is the main strategy that we use to teach both the content and the skills through an equity lens that helps to engage students in authentic and meaningful work.

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