Superintendent’s Office

Dear Novato Community,

I am honored to be Novato Unified School District’s Superintendent since I began my administrative career at Hill Middle School as the Assistant Principal in 1999.  There are great people and great things happening in the district, and it has been rewarding to reconnect with so many old friends since I began work in July 2015.  One of the things I love about Marin is the number of fantastic organizations that provide extra resources and support to our students and the collective commitment to equity to help all students be successful.  Since I’ve been back, I have met with folks from School Fuel, SchoolsRule, 10,000 Degrees, Marin Community Foundation, Marin Promise, Healthy Novato, YMCA,  Novato Youth Center, Buck Institute for Education, College of Marin, National Equity Project and the North Bay Leadership Council—what a plethora of wonderful groups that all work to serve Novato youth in different ways.

This is an exciting time in education, and there has never been as much change as we are experiencing now.  We have a new state testing system, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).  This assessment is a dramatic change from our previous state test—the California Standards Tests—as it is a more rigorous test that asks for more critical thinking and problem solving and not just memorization of facts.  We are also well on our way with the Common Core State Standards in math and language arts, and these standards also demand more of our students in very positive ways.  The Next Generation Science Standards have been adopted by the state and the new science assessments begin in 2017.  Not only is the content of our subjects changing, but the way we are teaching is changing as well.  Technology plays a huge role in helping to support student learning, and active learning through techniques such as Project Based Learning is also helping to better challenge and inspire our students.  Novato has hired some amazing teacher coaches to help support our teachers through all these changes, and we will continue to provide strong professional development so our teachers are able to meet the new challenges head on so our students are well prepared for their future.  NUSD will also be working more with the National Equity Project to address opportunity gaps to improve learning and education outcomes for all students.

With the fantastic support we receive from our Novato Community and parents, and with the amazing talents and skills of our school staff, we are poised for a great year of learning and discovery here in Novato.

Jim Hogeboom

Message from the Superintendent 2018

State of the District

Starting in 2017, the Superintendent of NUSD has given a “State of the District” address to the Novato Community, outlining the most important concerns facing the district, and how NUSD with continue to act in line with its mission and vision to meet them.  The 2018/2019 Address was jointly sponsored by the Novato Chamber of Commerce, delivered by Superintendent Jim Hogeboom, and well received by an audience of assembled leaders from the Novato Community.  The power point presentation can be viewed or downloaded here.

The State of the District can also be viewed on Novato Community Television’s YouTube Channel and it will be broadcast on Channel 30.

Sally Carbonaro
Sally CarbonaroExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent
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Superintendent appointments; coordination of evaluation schedule; master calendar; Board of Education agendas and minutes; board reports; board policies; formal complaints; special projects; flyer approval.
Leslie Benjamin Director
Leslie Benjamin DirectorCommunications & Community Engagement
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