What Must be Reported: 

Any of the below acts involving anyone under the age of 18: 

  • Physical Abuse 
  • Sexual Abuse 
  • Emotional Abuse 
  • Neglect 

The mandated reporter must only have reasonable suspicion that a child has been mistreated; no evidence or proof is required prior to making a report. The case will be further investigated by law enforcement and/or child welfare services. 

How to Report: 

By Phone: Immediately, or as soon as possible, make a telephone report to child welfare services and/or to a Police or Sheriff’s department. All reports should be made as soon as possible.

First, please call (415) 473-7153.

Second, please download Suspected Child Abuse Report Form and fill out.

Last, please fax reports to (415) 473-3279.

  1. Marin County Department of Children and Family Services Tel: (415) 473-2200
  2. Novato Police Department: (415) 897-4361 -or- 911 
  3. Marin Sheriff’s Department: (415) 473-7250 -or- 911 

In Writing: 

Within 36 hours, a written report must be sent, faxed or submitted electronically. The written report should be completed on a state form called the 8572, which can be downloaded at http://ag.ca.gov/childabuse/pdf/ss_8572.pdf

Other information: 

Safeguards for Mandated Reporters: 

  • The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) states that the name of the mandated reporter is strictly confidential, although it is provided to investigative parties working on the case.
  • Under state law, mandated reporters cannot be held liable in civil or criminal court when reporting as required; however, under federal law mandated reporters only have immunity for reports made in good faith.

 Failure to report: 

  • Failure to report concerns of child abuse or neglect is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable in California by six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine. 
  • For the complete law and a list of mandated reporters refer to California Penal Codes 11164 -11174.3. 

Mandated Reporting information can be found at: www.mandatedreporterca.com

Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Council