Novato, CA… On May 31 at 12:50 pm, Novato High School is hosting an inauguration of their Dreamers Mural.  The Mural will be placed on the outside wall facing the parking lot at the Novato High Library for all to see and appreciate.  The Dreamers Mural came to life through a School Fuel Enrichment Grant from NUSD’s Education Foundation, School Fuel.

Novato High School Dreamers’ Club started in fall of 2016 providing a safe place and sense of community for students who are themselves immigrants or children of immigrants or students interested in immigration issues.  The students were inspired to create their own mural at the Bay Area Mural Fest, their first field trip. The students were fortunate to have Caleb Duarte, an internationally recognized artist, to work with them through workshops and activities to develop the theme and the message and translate those into artistic imagery.  The Dreamers Club started painting last spring and finished in April.

“We had so much fun in the process and are so proud of the legacy left behind for the whole Novato High Community. We are so grateful to School Fuel who gave the Dreamers Club a grant both this year and last year – they made the mural possible with their donation,” commented Nonie Reyes, teacher advisor.

The School Fuel Enrichment Grants are funded through the money raised through Schools Rule Marin.  Thanks to this new source of fundraising for Novato schools, School Fuel created a grant program that allowed middle and high school teachers and clubs to apply for grants to fund student experiences that had previously been “extras” beyond the scope of what is covered through the school budgets.

“The grant for the Dreamer’s Club helped get a new student group going on the Novato High campus.  We are so excited that this mural will now be a visible, beautiful addition to the campus,” remarked Susan Mathews, School Fuel Executive Director.


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