Board Meeting Highlights – April 2, 2019, Board Meeting

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Marin Oaks students rocked it with the Board sharing their internship experiences through the Bridges Program.

Non-Agenda Public Comment: Two community members commented.  1) the School Fuel artwork and 2) classroom technology.

DISTRICT ELECTION PROCESS:  David Soldani, NUSD’s attorney, outlined the steps and timeline to move Board elections from at-large elections to district elections. The Board passed a Resolution on March 21, 2019, to make this transition. The Board also introduced the idea of moving from 7 to 5 board members.  More information and a draft timeline can be found under Item 13.a.  One community member commented.

SPECIAL EDUCATION EFFICIENCY REVIEW:  School Services of California representatives presented the Special Education Study to the Board. Please see Item 13.b. to review the entire report.

COMMUNICATIONS & TARGET RIVER:  Leslie Benjamin presented an update on the district’s communication plan and Target River marketing update.  See Item 13.c. for more information.

COMPENSATION:  Kris Cosca requested the Board to Ratify the Tentative Agreement with CSEA (Item 14.a.), Yancy Hawkins requested approval for AB1200 for CSEA (Item 14.b.), and Kris Cosca asked for approval of compensation for unrepresented groups (Item 14.c.)  The Board approved all three items.

BOARD POLICY 6142.7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ACTIVITY AND INDEPENDENT STUDY PE COURSE OUTLINE:  Amie Carter presented the second reading of Board Policy 6142.7 Physical Education and Activity and a proposed draft Independent Study PE Course for Student Athletes. The Board only approved the policy.  For more information see Item 14.d.

RESOLUTION:  Kris Cosca presented a resolution to reduce and/or eliminate the number of classified employees due to lack of work and/or lack of funds. The Board approved the Resolution. Please see Item 14.f. for more information.

CONSTRUCTION:  The Board approved a Resolution finding Robert A. Bothman Construction as a Best Value Contractor and approved the award of a Lease-Leaseback Agreement to Robert A. Bothman Construction for the Novato High Athletic Fields Complex.  See Item 14.e.

The Board also approved the deferred maintenance roof repair/replacement projects at Novato High and Lynwood Elementary School and provided approval to begin public bidding for roof repair/replacement projects at Novato High, San Jose Middle and Lynwood Elementary. Please see Item 14.g. for more information.  Mike Woolard presented these items.

Recordings of Board meetings can be found on NCTV’s YouTube Channel and NCTV reruns meetings on Comcast local Channel 30.

Next Board Meetings:     April 16, 2019 6 pm, Special Board Meeting-Parcel Tax Study Session

April 23, 2019 7 pm, Regular Board Meeting