Non-Agenda Public Comment:  Several community members commented to the Board about their experience with the Special Education program.


CERTIFICATED STAFFING UPDATE:  NUSD hired 34 teachers for the 2019-20 school year and despite efforts to hire all needed staff, NUSD continues to have some vacancies. Still needed are a Spanish teacher, a math teacher, an English teacher, an English/history core teacher, an ROTC teacher, a social cognition teacher, and an elementary teacher. More information can be found under Item 12.a.

MEASURE G PROJECT PROCESS & PRIORITIZATION: Additional information was provided to the Board regarding progress on the Measure G Bond project process and prioritization, including a focus on Deferred Maintenance needs and strategies planning.  Next steps include update and finalize a list of needed deferred maintenance, determine Board-preferred strategy, Board to determine deferred maintenance funding allocation, and the June 4th Process Timeline will likely move back 1+ months. More information can be found under Item 12.c

PG&E PUBLIC SAFETY POWER SHUTOFF:  An update was provided on PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff and the Novato Public Safety Power Shutoff partnership.  Next steps for NUSD include completing an analysis of systems affected by a power outage of certain durations, development of plans based upon that analysis, and communication of those plans.

More general information can be found on PG&E’s website

Information on this item can be found under Item 12.d

PARCEL TAX POLLING AND NEXT STEPS:  On April 16, 2019 Godbe Research was commissioned to conduct a survey to assess potential voter support for an extension of the 2014 parcel tax. The survey was designed to: (a) gauge the public’s perceptions of the District; (b) assess potential voter support for the measure; (c) prioritize projects and programs to be funded with the proceeds; and, (d) test the influence of informational and critical statements on potential voter support, (e) Identify the rate at which voters will support the measure, and (f) identify differences in voter support due to demographic and/or voter behavioral characteristics.  The Board gave direction to continue exploring the possibility of extending the parcel tax on the March 2020 ballot.

Godbe Research conducted a total of 602 interviews representing 32,157 likely November 2020 voters in the Novato Unified School District, as well as sub-samples of likely March 2020 Mail Ballots. Margin of error is approximately 4%.  More information can be found under Item 13.a.

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