The Parcel Tax Oversight Committee was formed to ensure that tax proceeds are spent for their authorized purposes, and to report annually to the Board of Trustees and the public regarding expenditure of such funds.

The committee is comprised of local community members representing the PTA, Parents,  the Business Community, and the Community at large. The committee meets once to twice a year and presents their annual report to the Board of Trustees and the public yearly. Currently there are vacancies on this vital committee; if you are interested in participating, or simply have questions about the Novato school parcel tax, please call the NUSD Business Office at (415) 897-4298 or complete the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Application and submit to the Business Office.

2019-2020 MEETINGS

  • Agenda 1.7.20                   Minutes 1.7.20
            • To be approved

2018-2019 MEETINGS

2017-2018 MEETINGS